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Super Bowl XLVIII Prediction


The Super Bowl is finally upon us. The best offense in the league vs. the best defense in the league. One of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game vs. an up-and-comer, Russell Wilson.

Not normally am I excited for the Super Bowl if the Packers aren’t in it, but this year is different. I’m not so sure it will come down to the best offense vs the best defense as it will the Seahawks offense vs the Broncos defense. Both units are average at best. Percy Harvin will be the x-factor for the Seahawks. Terrance Knighton will be the x-factor for the Broncos. Percy, if healthy, will exploit the Broncos terrible secondary. The one thing the Bronco’s defense is good at is their run defense, and Knighton is the main guy.

It will be a hard fought game, and the Seahawks will hang with the Broncos until the fourth quarter. That’s when Peyton will take over the game and open it up.

Broncos 35, Seahawks 24

Let the confetti fall on the classiest man in professional sports, Peyton Manning.


Pre-Super Bowl Must Sees

Frank Caliendo.

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